Modern front door

Mon 10 2006

modern-front-door.jpgIn-house design: Werner Kemming

This modern front door combines intelligent technology with puristic design.

Space front door

Mon 10 2006

space-front-door.jpgIn-house design: Werner Kemming

The Space model series is characterised by a surface offset running axially which creates the basis for a multifunctional grip system always running crossways.

jehnich-building-of-metals.jpgDesign museum OF the World – invited by the new collection.

Celsius door

Mon 10 2006

celsius-door.jpgDesign: Georg Kaluza

Celsius is compact, quiet in operation and easy to install and commission. The powerful drive unitpresents high quality and advanced design.

Iznik tiles

Mon 10 2006

iznik-tiles.jpgDesign: Defne Koz

The Iznik tile series are created using a high-tech production method and they feature stylised patterns, colours and textures.

dorma-moveo-partition-system.JPGDesign: Kaluza Design

DORMA MOVEO represents a new generation of partitioning systems in the market for movable wall systems.

Karat XXL roof tiles

Mon 10 2006

karat-xxl-roof-tile.jpgkarat-roof-tile.jpgDesign: Hans-Wilhelm Seitz

With its double head and side interlocking depressions, the Karat XXL offers a large degree of rain permeation protection.

markilux-awning.jpgDesign: kramerDesign

The markilux 6000 cassette awning features various RAL colours, materials and fabric designs that can be combined according to the user’s wishes.

Balance fireplace

Mon 10 2006

balance-fireplace.JPGDesign: Peter Maly

Balance is a woodstove in attractive horizontal format, incorporating rows of elements in the same design. The woodstove can be mounted on the wall or it can rest on a stainless steel frame.

Linea LED Tiles

Mon 10 2006

linea-led-tiles.jpgIn-house design: Design Team Mosa

The tiles of the Linea LED collection are manufactured with an integrated LED lighting. It has an innovative design that has an even shape and many combination options.


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