tandembox.jpgTANDEMBOX intivo matches existing standard backboards. It is easy to combine and represents a high-grade alternative to open rail solutions. An innovative drawer side design between the drawer side and the drawer element displays well-balanced proportions. A straight-lined, minimalist look characterises the visual impression. The smooth surface and the high-quality material convey a clear, simple and classical design language.

Aline product family

Wed 12 2007

aline-product-family.jpgAfter the initial introduction of the Aline skid chair in 2004, the programme with counter, swivel and office chairs as well as regular, side and stand-up tables has been further developed so as to make up a complete family. Aline is suited for the setup of in-between areas, i.e. furnishing of spaces used for both informal and professional purposes. This includes, for instance, salerooms, consultation spaces, waiting areas and bistros, libraries and Internet cafés, as well as dining spaces and the home office. The design pursues a graceful slim concept, which stands out due to its aesthetic quality, seating comfort and sophisticated functionality.

er-573-53-eu-gas-hob.jpgThe ER 573 53 EU gas hob has five cooking zones, each with two burners on the right and the left and a large burner in the centre. Through the flush-level installation of the hob and the pan supports, pots and pans are at a lower level. This means improved ergonomics for the user and a safe stand for ingredients in pots regardless of shape and size. Pots and pans can also be moved easily from one cooking zone to another without lifting. The control knobs centred at the front of the ER 573 53 EU gas hob are ergonomically arranged and therefore easy to handle. The smooth, stainless steel surface of the gas hob is very easy to clean.

Pinto armchair

Tue 12 2007


The design of the Pinto armchair is reduced to the bare essentials. Characteristic are its cubic shapes and flowing transitions between backrest, seat and armrests. The only optical borderlines are the dark keder strips setting striking accents and supporting the clear line management of the armchair. An open design and meticulous workmanship allow free placement of the armchair anywhere in the room. The Pinto looks good as an individual armchair, in pairs, or as a complete ensemble. With its clear visual language, it adapts harmoniously to different living room environments. The armchair is available in different colours with leather and textile surfaces.

a.jpgThe tense interplay of different materials and colours in modern, innovative and homely combinations are the main design criteria of the hand-tuft collection.

The Cosy carpet stands for cuddly moments, in top-quality New Zealand wool with a cosy and modern design appeal. The careful integration of differing textures on the surface by gentle incorporation of long piled, soft sections into the base surface of high-quality wool has been created to awake the primary tactile desire to touch.

The Flake carpet combines long-threaded linen and soft wool on a coloured ground with fresh colours and longevity of material. These two carpets are exceptionally expressive through an innovative, doubled knotting technique that ties the linen into the wool ground. Tisca

2007-02-2605-a.jpgThe bar- and tableware set is composed of an ice bucket, a wine cooler and a shaker. The distinctive appearance of the set is characterised by the two different materials acrylic and stainless steel. A clear stylistic expression enhances the symbiosis of these materials and confers practical elegance combined with functionality and quality to the objects.



With its futuristic design, the seating furniture of the Silver Lounge product line renders a modern and stylistic impression and is ideally suited for waiting areas. The silver-coloured structure of the seat shell with black seat and backrest padding creates an interesting contrast. A square-shaped base plate, optionally available with plastic inlay or leather covering, picks up this suspenseful colour scheme once more. A striking feature is the open design of the backrest. It directly passes into the armrests and is also seamlessly connected with the seat. The ergonomic shape of the seat shell with rounded edges provides for a relaxed seating position even during longer waiting periods. The matching lounge table is available in two sizes and with tabletops in various glass designs.

2007-10-1842-g.jpgOn the sonic chair the listener sits in the centre of the sound. The integrated loudspeakers are optimally adjusted to the listener’s position. The carefully crafted sound body creates sufficient volume for powerful bass tones. Several body-focused sound generators in the seat and backrest further augment the low frequencies, a two-way sound insulation serves as an acoustic barrier between the inside and the outside, thus no outside noise interferes with the inside and hardly anything of what the user listens to inside can be heard outside. This creates an undisturbed listening experience – be it music or audio books – at home, in waiting areas or at trade fairs and exhibitions. The sonic chair is available with upholstery in different colours and materials such as microfibre which resembles suede leather. The cables are concealed in the stainless steel base plate. Via an input jack MP3 players and laptops can be connected and placed on the adjustable side table. Equipped with a touchscreen instead of the table, the sonic chair can also be used for presentations.

2007-01-0272-a.jpgThe Totem wall rack from the Wallstreet series captures the eye with its simple appearance. Conceived as a modular system, the wall rack can be used in a multitude of ways: as a bookshelf, hi-fi rack, CD holder, in the office or at home. Like a pearl necklace, the single shelf elements string together up the wall. The rack can be assembled without tools. The full-core boards are hooked into the vertical aluminium rail, which also serves as a cable conduit. The result is a kind of wall sculpture out of only seven elements, giving the room a sense of structure while also creating order.

Vita Dining Chair

Thu 12 2007


In keeping with the lean, bold profile of the Vita Collection, David Moser found inspiration in Frank Lloyd Wright’s theory of creating “rooms within rooms” with furniture. The height and mass of the chair’s back works harmoniously with the lines of the table, delineating a specific area without competing visually with the table. The total effect is strong, balanced and welcoming without too much bulk. The weight of the sitter is cantilevered through Vita’s hallmark suspension design. The chair looks exceedingly uncomplicated but is quite difficult to execute well. Implicit knowledge of the human form at rest and the physics of wood is necessary or the chair would topple with the slightest shift forward. Seating is available in a variety of premium fabrics and hand-stitched leather.



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