This pots are made to be used and enjoyed in domestic life. The bowl remains the form where subtleties of line are most elusive and consequently most rewarding when successful. The work is thrown Limoges porcelain, glazed using combinations of tenmoku and celadon and reduction-fired in a gas kiln.Chris Keenan

Teapot, mugs, creamer

Wed 03 2008


Graham’s work currently consists of small batch production and individual functional tableware pieces informed by a strong interest in both ancient and contemporary ceramics and manmade patterns, textures and colours across local landscapes.  Pieces are kept simple, unfussy and contemporary, the intention is for them to be both visually appealing and a pleasure to handle and use. Current pieces are slip-cast and altered or thrown, in a Semi-Porcelain body. Graham Hudson

Teapot in landscape

Wed 03 2008


Elke’s fabulously dinky pieces of stoneware seem to have come straight from Alice’s enchanted Wonderland. Finding – Collecting – Keeping – Accumulating – Re-mixing – Alienating – Confusing. A kind of surrealistic collage emerges as she works.Elke Eder-Eich

Titled oils

Wed 03 2008


These pots are made with the finest quality translucent porcelain, and glazed with glazes that do not crackle, giving them extra strength. Photos shown are a guide only. Each pot is handmade and therefore show certain variation. Matthew Blakely

Midnight Feast

Wed 03 2008

Luxurious serving dish for special occasions. Provoking thought and surprise and providing exciting possibilities for presenting food, thIS sumptuous vessel engage the user’s imagination while adorning the dinner table. Kochevet Bendavid

Shell Form

Wed 03 2008

A beautiful object that is modern but which owe an allegiance to history, giving it a timeless quality. Strong simple shapes are decorated with complex glaze surfaces to complement the form and excite the eye.

Landscape in all forms is my main source of inspiration, along with ancient artefacts and the art of ancient Egypt.
Combinations of shiny, matt and semi-matt glazes are built up in layers to create the textural surfaces during firing. Wax is used to isolate areas during glaze application. Peter Beard


Wed 03 2008


Karin Bablok works in porcelain and decorates with black basalt glaze either inlaid or brushed on. The forms are thrown on the wheel and when leather hard, cut into pieces and assembled again in order to obtain different curves and edges. This divides the vessel into various sides and makes it appear differently depending on the point of view. The decoration is as important as the shape itself. The black lines echo the shape of the form combining the inside with the outside in a way that is both constructing and deconstructing. New spaces and images arise as the viewer turns the object.

Pot Raku

Wed 03 2008


Raku provides all the essential information needed to raku fire and will be an inspiration for other potters and a source of delight for all those interested in contemporary ceramics. Tim Andrews

Just an amaising design  with curved plywood frame, wengè or white ribbed effect laminate finish door with gentle rose motifs. Paola Navone.cocon.jpg

Aladin und Drache

Mon 03 2008


The series manufactured out of high quality bone china is handmade, hand-painted and dishwasher safe. Decors applied under the glaze, using a painting technique developed by the artist herself, are refined over the glaze with high percentage polished gold and platinum. The genuine, handcrafted quality is proven by slight variations and distinctions, which make each piece unique. Barbara Flugel.



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