Star Cookerhood

Thu 05 2008

The Star Range Hoos will add style and flare to your kitchen, even if you only make grilled cheese sandwiches. The three-speed range hood with built in odour filters is draped in hundreds of tiny glass prisms. Besides the high end aesthetics, the thing I love the best is the slick remote control. Elica


Thu 05 2008

With its groundbreaking flexible spout system and its unusually versatile functionality is captured in an eye-catching design that blends the successful classic arwa-twin with a dynamic and distinctive spout element, arwa-twinflex allows the water to be directed exactly where it’s needed. Arwa

Tandem Sunloungeri

Thu 05 2008

Well designed, functional and practical Sunlounger with amazing attention to detail. It has a ‘body-friendly’ aesthetic – the only thing missing is a daiquiri! Classique Leisure Products

Decor Design Kitchens

Thu 05 2008

Modern design for kitchens that ask for attention. because of it’s simple, minimalistic style combindec with the classic colours the Decor Design has made some very interesting collections.

S Table

Mon 05 2008

A round or oval table with a S-shaped twisted stand, moulded in mass-pigmented Ekotek, in matt white. Tabletops in 15 mm thick tempered clear glass, in 15 mm thick extra light tempered clear glass, or in 30 mm medium-density wood fibreboard, lacquered in matt white with scratch-resistant finish, or in 20 mm thick mass-pigmented matt white Ekotek. Round top dia.: 140 156 and 175 cm. Dims of oval table: 150x 10 cm. Height: 73.5 74 or 75 cm. Xavier Lust

The candour of Corian, reduction of form, unusual nesting: these are the two trays for bowls Vertigo and Vertigo Round by Naoto Fukasawa, full of poetry and spirituality. Very delicate, irregular nesting bowls.

The recent collaboration between star Dutch designer Tord Boontje and the uber-hip Spanish rug company Nani Marquina is truly a great combination- like chocolate and mint, or peanut butter and jelly. The two independently-fabulous design entities have joined forces to create the playfully genius Little field of Flowers rug, whose floral shaggy tendrils are just as endearing as they are warm and fuzzy under your bare toes.

Prins Bed

Mon 05 2008

Streamlined, minimalist double bed that is modern and innovative in terms of esthetics and materials, designed by Carlo Colombo. Its identifying elements are thick stiff polyurethane and the curvature is free from any solution of continuity that joins the base to the headboard. The latter can be completed with a comfortable one-piece cushion with an unusual pleating effect for the removable covers, available in fabric or leather. The surrounding structure is in chrome-plated steel. “Prins” is available in a glossy white or black variation.

Frekvenssi Fabric

Mon 05 2008


The clean and graphic Frekvenssi, Elementti and Monumentti fabric prints by Harri Koskinen bring a completely new look to Marimekko design. Fundamentally abstract motifs, shapes and lines develop into systems, causes and effects. The different colourways provide a variety of ambiances.  Harri Koskinen

Pear Range

Mon 05 2008

Smoothly sculptural, the new Pear bathroom collection from Agape adds interest to modern bathroom fixtures. Touchable surfaces abound in these modern bathroom fixtures, giving the impression of serenity and harmony. Can be free standing, or situated against the wall. Patricia Urquiola


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