Table lamp

Mon 08 2009

The table lamp, which provides a panel illumination, is designed to be a link between lights and humans. – This is a simple table lamp, which allows an easy indirect lighting. It can control lights in any room by changing the distance against a wall whatever it’s demanded. In addition, its lights are turned off completely when it is attached to the wall, and it can be turned on when it’s removed from the wall. DAIKO ELECTRIC Co.,Ltdtable1


True Love Sofa

Fri 08 2009

True Love is a unique design that offers an alternative to the traditional 3 seater sofa. It plays with modern architecture. Due to its compact size with a total depth of only 78 cm it is very versatile. The upholstery technique and the state-of-art moulded foam opens up for at world of colour- and fabric combinations with or without contrast stitchings. GlobeZero4 A/STrue Love Sofa

True Love Sofa.2jpg

Sini Coffee table

Thu 08 2009

Sini is a round coffee table that can be divided into five pieces. Each piece can be used as an individual service table. Sini’s form is not fixed: Its pieces can be brought together to create different shapes. Its unique design makes it a versatile product both in function and form. The table top is made of natural wood veneer over MDF, and the legs are of stainless steel. The diameter is 120 cm and the height is 38 cm. MobiTables

Bedouin Bookshelf

Wed 08 2009

Bedouin is an elegantly designed bookshelf that can be transformed into a compact, easy-to-transport piece of luggage. It is operated by interactive movements: like a book that is opened, the shelves unfold to become a bookshelf. It is supported by a hollow centre axis, which also serves for ventilation. Etel MarcenariaBookshelf


Blue Pot

Tue 08 2009

The methods of making are predominantly by slab forming and throwing techniques, which are combined into constructed forms. The forms tend toward the architectural and the surfaces are mostly dry but with the use of colour. The colours are a combination of clays, slips, oxides, body stains and underglaze colours and fired to 1120’C in a gas kiln, though reduced atmospheres are not sought after. Blue Pot 1 24 x 34 x 9. John HigginsBlue Pot2jpg

Neorest LE Washbasin

Mon 08 2009

This washbasin ensemble combines the elegant appearance of a well-balanced style with high technical perfection. The advantages of the Luminist material comprise the transparent properties of glass as well as an exceptional durability. An embedded LED light emits gentle illumination through the translucent surface of the washbasin. This centrally accentuated light surface creates a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. In a harmonious interplay the slim, elegant faucet corresponds with the washbasin. Out of its slightly rounded angular contour a jet stream pours forth like a waterfall. Very beautiful Washbasin. Toto LtdWashbasin


Fri 08 2009

Is very special and unique ceramics referring to the ancient Greek techniques of terra-sigillata slips and smoke firing, combined with a contemporary use of image and pattern. The decorative rhythms and devices of the designs reference many sources and have an Art Deco flourish. Duncan RossBOWL

Lignum Wooden Chair

Thu 08 2009

It is made of solid beech that is either coated with natural substances or stained. The seat and back consist of three-dimensionally shaped plywood parts. Partial upholstery, attractive stain colours and elegant upholstery fabrics permit different design options for individual customer specifications. Central attribute of the stackable Lignum chair is its puristically delicate and refined appearance. Brune GmbH & Co. KGWooden Chair

Wooden Chair.1jpg

Hmong teacup saucer

Wed 08 2009

The tea bowl evolve from my ideas around the notion of drinking tea and enjoying the sensations, thoughts involved in the making of the vessel and how it can be used and displayed. Hmong teacup saucer 19cm x 16.5 x 16.5. Robert CooperTeacup saucer

Lounge Chair

Tue 08 2009

Louuge Chair is convincing with its sweeping shape as a sculpture in space which is whi it received a special award, the Best of the Best for top design quality. The upholstered unit is dynamic and expressive as it traces convex and concave shapes. For a special outlook , whatever the perspective. Multifunctional and well thought-out, the MYchair invites users to read, to chill and comfortably relax like the fluidity of its lines, the lounge chair is able to adapt just as easily to different interiors and lifestyles. Walter Knoll AG & Co. KGChair



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