The double thickness of the back gives the chair a little extra presence. The optional contrasting upholstery further accentuates the major design element. Renata Kalarus

Verona is inspired by the popular 18th century Raffles chair and adapts it for outdoor use. 100% acrylic fabric, mildew resistant, color fast. Luxury, from the generous product proportions to the uncommonly thick cushions. Dimensions: 38.5″ H x 26″ W x 22″ D. Terra Furniture has been in business for 34 years manufactureing casual and outdoor furniture. Terra Furniture, Inc.

The Collection Q is a flooring for ambitious and creative object solutions. The design of the tiles consists of squares in four shades of colours harmonised with each other.  The available colour spectrum ranges from subdued tinges of grey to lively and accentuated colours. Interface Deutschland GmbH

Etna Bath accessories

Wed 12 2009

This collection reflects the beauty of nature. It is inspired by the organic and asymmetrical formations found in cobble stones. The Etna soap dish reflects calming elements of Karesansui, and the internal surface has a cleverly designed level to keep soap dry and away from water. The Etna collection presents two style and surface finish choices, soft pastels in polyresin and modern silky surfaces in stoneware. Spirella

Paloma Tumbler

Wed 12 2009

Paloma is a thin mouth-blown tumbler with a height of 11 cm,  to create a sensual effect of subtly spun threads of glass, available in limitless combinations of colours. With its size, conical shape and light weight. The delicate texture of the glass swirls is pleasant and seems to magnify the beverage. Furthermore, sets of multi- or single-colour carafes and different-sized tumblers used for water, wine, tea or coffee . BiS Productions Ltd

Glass Door

Wed 12 2009

The Trend Line all-glass doors combine the clear design and transparency of a glass door with the warm appearance of modern wood finishes. With iridescent light and colour effects they influence the room ambience at the same time offering visual protection. JELD-WEN Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Office chair

Tue 12 2009

The perfectly egonomically office chair provide their user with health and well-being at work. the Champ swivel chair is characterised by its clearly segmented upholstery elements and an elegant line contour. Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG

Outdoor Lamp

Tue 12 2009

While Miar seems to be a technical feature during the day, a marvellous metamorphosis takes place when it gets dark. All of a sudden an accentuating and asymmetrical light pattern emerges from the lamp’s projecting body. A technical feature is turned into a lamp. IP44 Schmalhorst GmbH & Co. KG


Tue 12 2009

The Price Pfister bathroom faucets combine modern technology with classic design. There quality ranks at the top of bathroom faucet brands. Since 1910 and continue to be one of the best in design, The best Faucet and beauty. Price Pfister 

Dibu Chair

Mon 12 2009

Dibu chair was designed by Angelo Bellini for Warisan. Made in resin with a surface featuring natural fiber.Warisan is proud to use only natural sustainable materials and follow strict fair trade production guidelines. Warisan Collection


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