the-city-workers-retreat.jpgDesigner: Ian Rochead

This is a modern contemporary garden for city workers to enjoy, relax and entertain in at the end of a hardworking day

The Green Room

Sat 11 2006

the-green-room.jpgDesigner: Caspar Gabbthe-green-room1.jpg

This garden recreates the atmosphere of a sub-tropical forest clearing, with a contemporary twist on the English classics of a pergola and hanging baskets.

The NS&I Garden

Sat 11 2006

the-nsi-garden.jpgDesigner: Freya Lawson (Heavenly Gardens)

The NS&I Garden is an urban roof garden designed for a young, professional couple requiring a sophisticated space that relates to the interior of their modern urban apartment.

Lebanese Courtyard

Sat 11 2006

lebanese-courtyard.jpgDesigner: Nada Habet

This was the first time that Nada had returned to her country of birth as a garden designer and she started viewing the Lebanese landscape with fresh eyes.

the-mencap-cater-allen-bank-garden.jpgDesigner: Ruth Marshall

This garden is part of Mencap’s 60th year celebrations. Ruth Marshall, the garden designer, hopes that this garden will make visitors stop for a moment and consider the nature of variety in all things.

the-city-workers-retreat.jpgDesigner: Ian Rochead

Is a modern contemporary garden for city workers to enjoy, relax and entertain in at the end of a hardworking day.

dias-vagos-lazy-days.jpgDesigner: Jeffery Hewitt

This garden has been inspired by the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. Dias Vagos reflects typical colour, materials, plants and meandering paths that would be found in the Mediterranean.

Reflective Height

Sat 11 2006

reflective-height.jpgDesigners: Chloe Salt, Roger Bullock and Jeremy Salt

Reflective Height is based on a concept design by Chloe Salt; it is a simple design based on fluidity and movement.

City garden

Sat 11 2006

city-garden.jpgDesigner: Jennifer Hirsch

This garden represents an urban roof. The garden designer, Jennifer Hirsch, has followed the progress of green roofs for some time and says that Up On The Roof is a minimalist exploration of the relationship between humans and nature, and the role of plants in bridging the gap and repairing the damage inflicted on the environment through building.

barry-holdsworth-rock-unique.jpgDesigner: Barry Holdsworth & Rock Unique

Picture this is a unique contemporary roof garden that paints a tranquil scene within a bustling Mediterranean city. Both natural and man-made elements are used to create a contrasting blend of materials and colours that form an oasis for relaxation.


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