the-ecover-chelsea-pensioners-garden.jpgDesigner: Julian Dowle

The garden incorporates welcome home bunting, a ‘Dig for Victory’ vegetable garden and a traditional English pub.

Merrill Lynch Garden

Wed 11 2006

merrill-lynch-garden.jpgDesigner: Andy Sturgeon

The Merrill Lynch Garden is designed to be a workplace that is an extension of the home.

the-laurent-perrier-garden.jpgDesigner: Tom Stuart-Smith

The Laurent Perrier garden, like the proposed garden at Trentham is a mix of classicism and modernity.

In the Grove Garden

Wed 11 2006

in-the-grove-garden.jpgDesigner: Christopher Bradley-Hole

This contemporary garden uses the ancient, mystical significance of the grove reworked into a modernist composition.

nurseries-float.JPGDesigner: Jack Merlo

This is an modern interpretation of the Australian landscape provides a contemporary and functional urban environment.

Fetzer Wine Garden

Wed 11 2006

fetzer-wine-garden.jpgDesigner: Kate Frey

The Fetzer Wine Garden aims to inspire gardeners with its diversity of wildflowers and cover crops and the positive organic message that they bring – enriching the soil and providing a habitat for beneficial insects and bird life.

Savills Garden

Tue 10 2006

savills-garden.jpgDesigners: Marcus Barnett and Philip Nixon

The Savills garden is private and enclosed. The entrance is framed by trees that lead onto a polished concrete pathway. The geometry of the path then meanders through trees and perennial planting, consisting of grasses and foliage plants.

Saga Insurance Garden

Tue 10 2006

saga-insurance-garden.jpgDesigner: Cleve West

The Saga Insurance Garden celebrates the migration of plants around the world, in particular focussing on hardy and half-hardy herbs that can be grown in the UK and how they might be used in a contemporary space.

Fleming’s Nurseries

Tue 10 2006

flemings-nurseries.jpgDesigner: Dean Herald

This garden is a tailored space that has been designed to give the complete Australian experience. The barbeque space is taken to a new level with a fully functional outdoor kitchen, a relaxed lounge space and a kids play area.

The Telegraph Garden

Tue 10 2006

the-telegraph-garden.jpgDesigner: Tom Stuart-Smith

The Telegraph Garden is a study in contrast between simplicity and complexity. It contrasts a minimal asymmetric plan with materials, surfaces and planting of rich patina and texture.


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