Light Tile

Tue 10 2006

light-tile.JPGIlluminate the path of your midnight run with these waterproof LED-embedded tiles, which glow white, blue, or amber.


Tue 10 2006

countertops.JPGOriginally used to make outdoor ramps for skating and as reinforcement on boats, Richlite is a durable and eco-friendly countertop alternative that radiates beauty too.

nexxt-washer-and-dryer.JPGSave time, energy, and your clothing to boot. These high-style machines take the guesswork out of doing laundry.

verity-apron-front-undercounter-kitchen-sink.jpgThe large, single basin of this 18-gauge stainless steel sink offers a versatile work space, and SilentShield, an exclusive sound-absorption system, reduces disposal noise and vibration from dishes and running water for quiet performance.

simply-pur-single-handle-filtration-system.jpgProvides bottled water quality from your tap at home for a tenth of the cost. Two stylish spout options in a variety of finishes to complement any Delta kitchen faucet.

monogram-wine-reserve-and-beverage-center.JPGThese stainless steel undermount chillers feature glass fronts that go from clear to opaque with a simple tap of the handle.


Fri 10 2006

washstand.jpgIt’s rare to find a small sink so big on style. At 12 3/4 inches square, this chic, white washstand fits into the most awkward areas. The material is key: Lightweight, ultradurable glassed steel allows the basin to be wall-mounted with ease.

superheated-steam-oven.JPGThis striking countertop powerhouse steams, roasts, and grills meat, fish, and veggies by heating steam to 550°F, maintaining moisture even while browning and crisping.

erin-adams-quilt-tiles.JPGWe’re mad for these mod tiles—perfect for anything from kitchen backsplashes to bathroom floors. Handcrafted from fused glass, they’ll energize interiors with retro glamour.


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