Arc combines three functions into one simple, discreet unit. A discreet hot and cold logo is all that indicates a hidden function, inviting the user to interact. A wide (but controlled) plane of water emerges, momentarily extending the arc beyond its metallic form. The mirror pivots along one edge to reveal a concealed storage cabinet. Arc strikes a balance between form and function, highlighting both the preciousness and scarcity of this rich resource, and highlighting the elemental beauty inherent in cascading water.David Goss

Peak Bath

Tue 03 2008


  At a time when consciousness of water conservation is at an all time high, the Peak Bath provides a luxury  bathing experience, using less water than other products. The design is contoured to more closely fit the posture we take when bathing, with a peak rising to fill the spaces below our knees, significantly reducing the volume of water needed for adeep, luxurious bath while creating a striking sculptural statement in your bathroom.Lyndon Craig


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