Hob chair

Sun 10 2006

hob-chair.JPGRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Studio Vertijet

As if made in a single casting and covered with high quality felt or robust bend leather, HOB seems to float gently above the ground. Contributing to this appearance is the delicate, rotating aluminium frame, available in polished version or in various lacquers.


Easy Bean Chair

Sun 10 2006

easy-bean.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Nicholai Wiig Hansen

The chair has a flexible pillow (that is shapeable) filled with polystyrene balls, which is supported by a plastic shell and lifted off the ground by a metal frame.

low-table-program-2.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006low-table-program-1.jpg

Design: Dieter Rams and Thomas Merkel

The modular Low Table Program 010 consists of one high and one lower table which can be telescoped. The high version of the modular table can also be pushed over a bench. The bench is supplemented by upholstery. Not only to combine with the Lounge Chair Program 620 but also with any other upholstered furniture.

Sappo Sofa

Sun 10 2006

sappo-sofa-1.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006sappo-sofa-2.jpg

Design: Scarpitta Designer A 360°

Sappo consists of various elements such as: A sofa in three sizes, a chaise longue, a chair and ottoman; The backrest is movable and can be folded back when desired; Striking feet lend this furniture its special charm.


Sun 10 2006

snowdonia-1.JPGRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006snowdonia-2.JPG

Design: Eric Jourdan

Constructed from panels of particleboard clad in thermoformed polystyrene & polyether foam, with Pullmaflex suspension & integral seat & back cushions, Snowdonia offers unparalleled comfort.

pause-seat.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Designframe (Michael McGinn)

The Pause seat is an example of function as an expression of form. Constructed of a special recycled, corrugated cardboard, Pause wieghs less than two pounds and folds to less than an inch in thickness. Puse is the perfect extra seating solution.

Ottoman-Stool Omega

Sun 10 2006


Red Dot Award: Product Design

Design: Andreas Varotsos

OMEGA is a modern adaptation of the classic ottoman. In the design specific materials are used, a special paper straw conecting the upholstery and an aluminum plate frame.