aeg-electrolux-preference-avantgarde-built-in-appliance.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Michael Thoenissen

The user interface is presented by a touch display featuring text and symbols as well as logical menu guidance. The features of the built-in appliance series underline the professional standard. The special enamel in combination with the appliance’s mostly seamless parts creates large glass and metal surfaces, which are easy to clean.

aeg-electrolux-gas-fired-hob.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design:  Almuth v. d. Planitz

The AEG-Electrolux 79900 G-M gas-fired hob combines a TouchControl user and display panel with a gas-fired hob. The electronic TouchControl panel is ergonomically assigned to the cooking zones. Two gas grids with a reduced design cover two gas burners each, thus making them considerably easier to clean.

aeg-electrolux-induction-hob.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Heinz-Peter Huxhold

The AEG-Electrolux 78001 KF-MN induction hob offers a great variety of uses. The sensors in the middle of the cooking zones recognise the size of the pots and only heat them. The power management allows combining two cooking zones with a higher energy level.

AEG-Electrolux oven

Wed 10 2006

aeg-electrolux-oven.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: AEG Hausgeräte GmbH

AEG-Electrolux features a functional and robust design. With its gas and/or electric cooking zones as well as grilling zones, the AEG-Electrolux 41029 G-M oven meets the highest cooking, baking, roasting and grilling requirements.

Tomato peeler

Wed 10 2006

tomato-peeler.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: IDEO

Multi-purpose serrated edges quickly peel fruits and vegetables, even difficult soft-skinned produce. Great for ginger. Two edges on lade permit back and forth peeling and right or left-handed use. Extra sharp steel tip easyily removes produce blemishes.

Vision cutlery

Wed 10 2006

vision-cutlery.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: Peter Bäurle

The Vision cutlery collection is designed in a soft and fully rounded style combined with finely accentuated relief surface details. The proportions correspond to current trends in cutlery design with emphasis on long handles and compact, sensually designed front parts.

veria-non-stick-frying-pan.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: Teams Design

The stylish metallic-gray cast-aluminum pan has an extremely robust, durable, scratch-proof titanium surface and easy-to-clean Silitan non-stick coating. And to top things off, it is ideally suited for induction cooking.

Switchit Spatulas

Wed 10 2006

switchit-spatula.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: Jason Germany

Switchit is outstanding for broad, sweeping strokes. On the other end, it allows for more control and finesse. Using either end, the ingenious asymmetric design easily reaches any angle in any pot, pan or bowl. Stain-resistant, hi-temp 650ºF (340ºC) silicone with steel core. Asymmetric design reaches any angle in any pan, pot or bowl. Work-ends glide with ease and won’t scratch non-stick cookware.

Stelton minibrewer

Wed 10 2006

stelton-minibrewer.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: Someones Design

The Stelton minibrewer is designed for a modern everyday lifestyle where people often drink coffee alone. It includes an innovative filter system designed to prepare the coffee directly in the cup, using exactly those coffee beans one prefers. The design is well thought out, functional and economic.

Blade bench

Wed 10 2006

kitchen-knife.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: vitamin d

This product has a lot of advantages: easy handling (only one hand is needed); highest precision; easy on the material; best results in sharpening knifes; hygienic; high quality in design.