LG washer and dryer

Thu 10 2006

lg-washer-and-dryer.JPGRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Corporate Design Center, Digital Appliance Laboratory

The wide LCD display of the WD-FR230AM makes it easy for users to check the status of the washer/dryer. The child-lock provides extra safety. In case of malfunction of the washing machine, the large LCD display shows detailed information.


LG washing machine

Thu 10 2006

lg-washing-machine.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Corporate Design Center

The WD-14330AD washing machine features a high-quality appearance given by the trim-kit design in combination with the decorative stainless steel door. I belive the washing result will satisfy you, featuring a steam generator to de-wrinkle clothes as well as a gentle wash function for those with sensitive skin.

W4000 washing machine

Thu 10 2006

w4000-washing-machine.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Miele & Cie. KG

The focus of the design of the W4000 washing machine series is on user-friendliness. The washing machine has a low energy and water consumption and requires very little time for its washing programmes.

toshiba-vacuum-cleaner.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Toshiba Design Center

The VC-75TC has an innovative cleaning system, which reduces maintenance requirements that are often caused in cyclone vacuum cleaners by blocked filter pores. After each use the filter pores self-clean automatically. The filter cleaning system has the design of a capsule, which requires very little space.

karcher-cleaning-equipment.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Teams Design

The VC 6300 vacuum cleaner has a striking design. Thanks to the EasySlider swivel disc it is easy to navigate around obstacles such as pieces of furniture and door frames while protecting them at the same time.

roboking-vacuum-cleaner.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Corporate Design Center

The concept V-R4000 Roboking vacuum cleaner features a powerful cleaning capacity emphasising its transparent cyclone dust kit as a design feature. All parts are recyclable thanks to the use of ABS material.

Porsche Design Toaster.jpgDesign: Porsche Design Studio

The TT911P2 toaster combines high-quality materials with innovative technology. The so-called Cool-Touch housing has a brushed aluminium finish. The bread roll rack offers additional convenience and is very hygienic thanks to its integrated cover.