Axor Starck X mixer

Mon 10 2006

axor-starck-x-mixer.jpgDesign: Philippe Starck

Axor Starck X is a single-lever washstand mixer designed with sculptural, but also with reduced forms.


hansacanyon-fittings-series.jpgDesign: Octopus Product Design & Bruno Sacco

This series features smooth, defined contours. By means of LEDs the atmospheric lighting of the water jet gradually changes its colour depending on the water temperature.

Dorma Panic Hardware

Mon 10 2006

dorma-panic-hardware.jpgDesign: Georg Kaluza

With its PHA 2500 system, DORMA is able to offer a high-quality panic exit device on the basis of an integrated emergency escape lock.

Modern front door

Mon 10 2006

modern-front-door.jpgIn-house design: Werner Kemming

This modern front door combines intelligent technology with puristic design.

Space front door

Mon 10 2006

space-front-door.jpgIn-house design: Werner Kemming

The Space model series is characterised by a surface offset running axially which creates the basis for a multifunctional grip system always running crossways.

jehnich-building-of-metals.jpgDesign museum OF the World – invited by the new collection.

Celsius door

Mon 10 2006

celsius-door.jpgDesign: Georg Kaluza

Celsius is compact, quiet in operation and easy to install and commission. The powerful drive unitpresents high quality and advanced design.