Lake House Breezeway

Wed 11 2006

lake-house-breezeway.jpgThe cherry woodwork and craftsmanship shine, and the warm wood inside is reflective of the exterior, which is within a wooded area.

Team: Siemasko & Verbridge; Essex Building Company; Eagle Window & R.P. Marzilli & Co.


Chic gardens

Wed 11 2006

chic-gardens.jpgDesigner: Chris Perry, Claire Stuckey, Jill Crooks and Roger Price

This garden is an interactive outdoor gallery space. Inspired by the power, impact and message that visual imagery, in particular black and white photography, can portray, the garden allows for internal contemplation, but also invites social space as well.

The Lalique Garden

Wed 11 2006

the-lalique-garden.jpgDesigner: Shahriar Mazandi

With its symmetrical layout and surrounding walls, this garden is influenced by the style of ancient Persian gardens.

Artful Foyer

Wed 11 2006

artful-foyer.JPGThe foyer of this home is a work of art in itself. Lighting was an important element, and was designed to show off the artwork.

Team: Design Resources & Solutions Group & MG2 Design & Construction

The Gallery Outside

Wed 11 2006

the-gallery-outside.jpgDesigners: Marcus Barnett and Philip Nixon

The idea is to create a private exhibition space displaying a collection of photography within a small garden; here the collection is of portrait photography by photographer Lord Lichfield.

Basement Retreat

Wed 11 2006

basement-retreat.jpgHidden underneath the owner’s patio, this basement retreat is much needed space in an unlikely location.

Team: FBN Construction; Weston Landscape & Tree Company; Audio Video Design & Foley Fiore Architecture

the-trailfinders-recycled-garden.jpgDesigner: Chris Beardshaw

This sculptural garden was inspired by WRAP’s recycling campaign.