steptoes-front-garden.jpgDesigner: Paul Stone

Steptoe’s Front Garden is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of how junk and horticulture can combine to superb effect. Surplus stock has been transformed into useful and decorative garden features.

Centenary Garden

Thu 11 2006

centenary-garden.jpgDesigner: Zoe Cain

This garden is a commemoration, inspired by those who have lived and worked at St Joseph’s over the past 100 years. It is a garden full of colour, which celebrates life and shares many of the features of St Joseph’s Hospice’s own garden in the East End of London.

round-and-round-the-garden.jpgDesigners: Jenny Wisby and Sharon Kent

This garden has been used as an educational opportunity for the children at Sheddingdean Primary School to learn about their environment, recycling and the heritage of the school.

Pause for Thought

Thu 11 2006

pause-for-thought.jpgDesigners: Liz Robinson and Phillip Kaye

This garden is designed for Michael Sobell House – a hospice offering specialist palliative care to terminally ill patients and giving support to their families.

Avant Garde

Thu 11 2006

avant-garde.jpgDesigners: Kevin Cooper (Avant Garde) & Linda Fairman

The design captures the essence of the Kentish countryside using a mixture of ornamental plants and British wildflowers and grasses. It creates the illusion of an expanse of landscape within a small private space, including seating areas for sun and shade.

simons-garden-with-va-va-voom.JPGDesigner: Scenic Blue Design Team

This garden belongs to Simon, a young urban professional who has just achieved his first foot on the property ladder.

Felix tub chair

Thu 11 2006

felix-chair.jpgDesign: Schamburg + Alvissefelix-tub-chair.jpg

Felix is an aesthetically spare and extremely durable tub chair. It offers comfortable + enduring seating that promises to not break the bank.

Bubble stool

Thu 11 2006

bubble-stools.jpgBubble is a stool with a simple sculptural form. Inspired by bubble forms in nature it explores the tension between two volumes in opposition.

Beyond the pale

Thu 11 2006

beyond-the-pale.jpgDesigner: Stephen Firth & Brinsbury students

A contemporary courtyard garden, using modern elements such as stone filled gabions as boundaries. Buff sandstone, reclaimed paving block and timber struts give structure, softened by planting of mature shrubs, grasses and herbaceous plants in bronze and purple.

the-philosophical-garden.jpgDesigner: Andrew Loudon

Andrew Loudon is a dry stone walling master craftsman. The centre of the garden is a stone sphere, sitting opposite a negative image of itself, recessed into a slate stone wall. A curved path winds up to a small seat, positioned on a pebble mosaic. All this is surrounded by dense herbaceous planting.