Cantilever seat

Mon 11 2006

cantilever-seat.JPGDesign: Citysquared

Cantilever is made entirely of stainless steel using a combination of high-tech and traditional techniques, and it is 100% recyclable.

Winner of the “Outdoor Product Design” category

A Cornish Oasis

Mon 11 2006

a-cornish-oasis.jpgcornish-oasis.jpgDesigners: Kevin Gleeson, Martyn Sergeant, Will Atkins, Martin Gane, Fiona Le Tissier, Tim Davies and Lesley Kingsley

A Cornish Oasis garden uses innovative planting and hard landscaping to convey an impression of the traditional Cornwall.

Stone Radiators

Mon 11 2006

stone-radiators.JPGDesigner: Marble Heating Co Ltd.

Stone radiators are a result of modern scientific advances, combined with ancient knowledge of using natural stones as heating elements. They can be made into any shape, with different finishes and 30 different colours.

Winner of the “Bathroom Product Design” category

Saveurs de France

Mon 11 2006

saveurs-de-france.jpgDesigner: Jane Dickinssaveurs-de-france1.jpg

Saveurs de France conveys the spirit of French life. The planting is in a range of pinks to deep purple with dashes of vibrant yellows and startling vermilions. Key plants are lavender, fuchsia and pelargonium.

Concrete Rug Tiles

Mon 11 2006

concrete-rug-tiles.JPGDesign: Eileen Elliott

Handprinted with images of kilim and Persian rugs, the concrete floor tiles are a bold combination of opposites. The weight and austerity of polished concrete is balanced by delicate patina on its surface.

Winner of the “Surface Design” category

Conifer Courtyard

Mon 11 2006

conifer-courtyard.jpgconifer-courtyard1.jpgDesigner: Dawn Compton

This garden aims to show how conifers can be used effectively with hardy perennials and bedding plants to provide interesting combinations of colour, shape and texture.


Mon 11 2006

minimal1.JPGDesign: Varennaminimal.JPG

This sleek kitchen features beautiful aesthetics, distinct details and integrated handles. It is the perfect option for an open living space that links kitchen and reception areas.
Winner of the “Kitchen Product Design” category

fragments-of-liberty.JPGDesign: Claire Coles

Vintage wallpaper and leather create delicate floral patterns that seem to be sown, grow, blossom and flourish on a fertile (paper) soil.

Winner of the “Wallcovering Design” category


Mon 11 2006

magnolia.JPGDesigner: Ulf Moritz

A ‘highlight’ fabric from Ulf Moritz, Magnolia is a floral design in textile relief. Like scattered flowers on a silk net, this design is perfect for panels, blinds and cushions.

the-north-east-england-passion-garden.jpgDesigners: Penny Denoon & John Carmichaelpassion-garden.jpg

The North East England Passion Garden is a celebration of the exuberant spirit of the north eastern people and of the region’s rich heritage, culture and diverse landscapes.