Concrete Rug Tiles

Mon 11 2006

concrete-rug-tiles.JPGDesign: Eileen Elliott

Handprinted with images of kilim and Persian rugs, the concrete floor tiles are a bold combination of opposites. The weight and austerity of polished concrete is balanced by delicate patina on its surface.

Winner of the “Surface Design” category


4 Responses to “Concrete Rug Tiles”

  1. inge ahrens Says:

    dear women, dear sirs,

    i am a journaliste for many magazings and newspapers in germany. i need a contact to the artist eileen elliott. can you help me? that would be wonderful.

    best regards from
    inge ahrens
    berlin, 26.12.06

  2. Alice Says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog, but unfortunately I can not help you with that information.

  3. Nicole Fuller Says:

    I am trying to find Ms. Elliot’s professional/business website to directly research her site. I hope you can provide her website information. I very interested in how she puts like screen print designs on concrete.

    Thank You

  4. Alice Says:

    Hello there Nicole, nice to have you here.
    Unfortunatly she hasn’t got her web site. I searched.

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