Outdoor Wallpaper

Fri 11 2006

outdoor-wallpaper.jpgDesigner: Susan Bradley

This innovative and ingenious design for laser-cut decorative patterns in a variety of materials is applied in relief to almost any exterior (or interior) surface.

Winner of the “Graduate Designer of the Year” category


Fri 11 2006

amaya.JPGDesign: dpa lighting consultants

The name ‘Amaya’ means ‘without boundaries’. The result – a stunning lighting ingredient to compliment the entire Amaya dining experience.

Winner of the “Lighting Installation” category

41-millharbour-weston-homes.JPGDesign: Connections in Design

The designers were asked to create a luxury environment. The result: whether relaxing, entertaining or working, this apartment really does have everything.

Winner of the “Show Home Interior” category

Contemporary country

Fri 11 2006

contemporary-country.jpgDesign: Acres Wild

A bold, simple and understated garden to provide a contemporary setting for a barn conversion and enhance its dramatic location.

Winner of the “Garden Design” category

kitchen-in-the-biddle-cursi-house.JPGDesign: Kitchen Clinic and Peerutin Architects

The kitchen offers simplicity, functionality, practicability – and, above all, glamour, highlighting the fact that kitchens are for so much more than cooking.

Winner of the “Single Room Interior” category

Georgian Townhouse

Fri 11 2006

georgian-townhouse.JPGDesign: John Minshaw Designs

Using oversized furniture and selecting antiques, the designer has allowed the architecture of the building to speak for itself.

Winner of the “Classical Residential Interior” category