“sei element” Bed

Tue 08 2007

bett_ansicht_gross.jpgA tree trunk, six pieces, no glue, no metal connectors, 3-D swallow-tail tongue and grooves, “sei element” Bed. Those are the characteristics of this product. Pleasing aesthetics, healthy sleep, reproducibility and the state-of-the-art application of traditional cabinetmakers’ joints were the objectives behind this concept. The workpiece: a walnut tree is sawn into sections, planed and oiled. The friction-fitted corner joints take the form of swallow-tail tongue and grooves. The foot and head sections, two side sections and two foot sections can be joined and separated as needed. Repositioning the bed, moving, transporting are child’s play. Mass production is possible thanks to the programming of the CNC milling machine and the small number of parts.