Neutron Pendant

Wed 08 2007

neutron-pendant.jpgNeutron Pendant from LBL Lighting, platinum winner at ADEX Awards 2007 The Neutron Mini pendants are composed of sleek cylinders of metal and acrylic enhanced by a punch of white or colored light. These low voltage LED lights represent the essence of modern lighting. Vibrant colors and a polished design will bring a sleek, contemporary appeal to your home. They’re subtle construction is the epitome of cutting edge style.


CD Spring

Tue 08 2007

cd.jpg A gift doesn’t have to be very expensive to offer a smile and the proof is this CD Spring. This cute gift is a CD rack made from a spring!
The custom made mild steel spring is rubber coated and stores up to 60 cd’s.

Small, cute, practical with a nice design.

cdsadackdaskfs.jpgComplementing the fine dining tableware launched last year, the collection brings together Ramsay’s -starred expertise and the British china brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.

mug.jpgCoffee Break’s retro designs reflect a more innocent age in Britain, with homemade cakes and seaside holidays in Cornwall. Mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Cottage Dog Feeders

Thu 08 2007

dog-food.jpgWinner HOME ACCESSORIES – CLASSICAL- Cottage Dog Feeders
This luxurious dog feeder is the height of fashion. Ornate black metalwork creates a stunning stand for two shining chrome food and water bowls.


Wed 08 2007

f-cage.jpgThe FlowerCage™ is an interior life style product. Ideal for home/gift retailers, it blends oriental simplicity with European form and function, luxuriously packaged at affordable prices.

savers.jpgA collection of Toughened Glass Worktop Savers depicting ingenious photographs of six different characters created from food, vegetables and items found in the kitchen.