KFN 8998 SE fridge-freezer combination

Wed 10 2007


The KFN 8998 SE fridge-freezer combination defines itself as a luxury-class model, and as such it has been made of high-quality materials and is equipped with reliable and user-friendly technology. Among its main features are, for instance, an external high-precision digital temperature display for the refrigerator and freezer compartments, as well as an automatic ice-cube maker, ensuring that ice-cubes are always on hand for cocktails. In order to complement its understated appearance, the door of this fridge-freezer combination is opened elegantly with the EasyOpen level-type handle. The most exciting design aspect is the lighting of the cabinet interior, a lighting that can well be summarised by the word “entertainment”: In the refrigerator, each individual glass shelf is equipped with maintenance-free LEDs which, thanks to their special design, provide uniform illumination of the entire cabinet. In addition, the door interior of the appliance, the door racks and the zero-degree drawers (PerfectFresh) also feature a special lighting system of equally elegant appearance. Due to the interpretation of how the fridge-freezer is illuminated, opening this appliance becomes entertainment – its content is virtually celebrated. Miele.

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