Scoop bathtub

Tue 12 2007


The Scoop bathtub appears to protrude like an oversized bowl from the wall to harmoniously integrate into the room. It combines the form of a traditional bathtub with a modern free-standing solution. Similar to a sculpture, Scoop projects into the bathroom with its round form. The material chosen was Cristalplant, a mixture of mineral powder and artificial resin.


Attika X

Tue 12 2007

2007-01-0578-d.jpgThe Attika X series firebox is the size of a standalone insert fire for burning 50 cm logs. This means that the X series facilitates easy positioning of a spacious fireplace in the customer’s rooms. The newly developed combustion technology with tertiary air supply not only achieves outstanding combustion values, but also keeps the large ceramic glass pane clean. The sliding door with the cooled handle at the side gently glides upwards behind the front when opened. The interchangeable front panel gives the customer the possibility of customising the stove to his own taste. The range includes coated steel and raw steel panels in three different sizes. Customers can also choose from several different granite and stone models cut to required sizes. This turns every stove into a unique piece. In the X-Board, the firebox is complemented by a wood compartment integrated on the side behind the asymmetrical front panel.