2007-02-0520-a.jpgThe cookIsland cooking table consists of a worktop with integrated table top. The integrated dining table can seat up to five people. Centred on a rotation point the table can be pulled out, pushed in or rotated. This allows the cookIsland to be positioned right up against the wall of a small room, making optimal use of function and space. The front of the worktop, with drawers and a three-plate ceramic hob, is available in seven high-gloss colours. The body is white or silvery white.


2007-02-1462-a.jpgThe design of the Familia kitchen series is based on the premise that the dining kitchen is the family’s new meeting point. As a natural consequence of this development, the designers created a range of functional saucepans for everyday use on the hob as well as on the dining table. These utensils have a straightforward look to them and an unobtrusive design language that is intended to communicate warmth, life and appetite. The Familia series can be used on gas, electro and induction hobs.

Opus porcelain line

Fri 12 2007


The stylistic Opus elements transform the volume of plates, bowls and dishes into generous, planar surfaces. Quoting the mathematical depiction of bodies and surfaces in digital space allows shapes to come into being whose charm is made up of technical forms and palpable reality. The angular meetings of complex surface geometries result in a delightful play of light and shade. The innovative power of this chinaware series is reflected in production engineering as well. Seemingly, all physical laws of chinaware production are cancelled. Implementation is only possible thanks to the combination of long lasting experience and most innovative manufacturing methods. Functions are allocated to some surfaces – resulting in handle surfaces, tray surfaces, spouts, etc. The Opus collection comprises a maxi plate, which can be used as dinner plate, serving plate or under plate. A midi plate that is also part of this collection forms a unit with the bowl and can be used as cover. A mini plate, which is ideal for bread or side-dishes and tiny dip bowls round off the series.
red dot award: product design 2007