Delica tray

Thu 12 2007

delica-tray.jpgThe Delica tray combines ergonomics and poetic qualities, and its respect for form reflects a restrained and modest approach. The tray is made of natural wood, layered and pressed, and is intended to bring people into contact with natural objects.


gingerbread-collection.jpgPaola Navone is the exception on the Italian design scene. For the past thirty years she has been a welcome feature of the otherwise male-dominated Italian design elite. Navone works as an interior designer and consultant to furniture and material manufacturers. In her designs she always tries to combine modern design with traditional handicraft. For Italian furniture company Lando the designer created the Gingerbread furniture series.Her Gingerbread collection for Lando has surrealist, theatrical touches and looks almost childlike.

The Gingerbread collection rediscovers the decorative power of wood trough unusual shapes, materials and styles to create fascinating contemporary effects. Part of the collection is this gorgeous bookcase, which is made of rough, solid wood supported by white ceramic vases.


Paris-based industrial designer Arik Levy has been a regular on the design scene for a couple of decades, designing sofas and chairs for big guns such as Vitra and Ligne Roset, but his recent collection for Baleri Italia have brought him firmly into the limelight. With his company L Design, he likes nothing more than cribbing materials from unlikely industries and turning them into pieces of design.

Inspired by the art of origami, the ‘folded’ table is yet another in a recent line of impressive designs by arik levy.

available in two heights, this rectangular coffee table is supported by a chromed or stainless steel base, and has an .5″ thick plastic top made using ‘carousel moulding’ – a process which allows a full consistancy of materials and a polished surface.

the three-dimensional table top is something to be admired, with it’s asymmetrical sloping planes – like, naturally, a sheet of folded origami paper – which creates a diamond-like effect when light is shined upon it. and yet, the inclinations are very slight, so you wont have to worry about things sliding off. Arik Levy.

tandembox.jpgTANDEMBOX intivo matches existing standard backboards. It is easy to combine and represents a high-grade alternative to open rail solutions. An innovative drawer side design between the drawer side and the drawer element displays well-balanced proportions. A straight-lined, minimalist look characterises the visual impression. The smooth surface and the high-quality material convey a clear, simple and classical design language.

Aline product family

Wed 12 2007

aline-product-family.jpgAfter the initial introduction of the Aline skid chair in 2004, the programme with counter, swivel and office chairs as well as regular, side and stand-up tables has been further developed so as to make up a complete family. Aline is suited for the setup of in-between areas, i.e. furnishing of spaces used for both informal and professional purposes. This includes, for instance, salerooms, consultation spaces, waiting areas and bistros, libraries and Internet cafés, as well as dining spaces and the home office. The design pursues a graceful slim concept, which stands out due to its aesthetic quality, seating comfort and sophisticated functionality.

er-573-53-eu-gas-hob.jpgThe ER 573 53 EU gas hob has five cooking zones, each with two burners on the right and the left and a large burner in the centre. Through the flush-level installation of the hob and the pan supports, pots and pans are at a lower level. This means improved ergonomics for the user and a safe stand for ingredients in pots regardless of shape and size. Pots and pans can also be moved easily from one cooking zone to another without lifting. The control knobs centred at the front of the ER 573 53 EU gas hob are ergonomically arranged and therefore easy to handle. The smooth, stainless steel surface of the gas hob is very easy to clean.

Pinto armchair

Tue 12 2007


The design of the Pinto armchair is reduced to the bare essentials. Characteristic are its cubic shapes and flowing transitions between backrest, seat and armrests. The only optical borderlines are the dark keder strips setting striking accents and supporting the clear line management of the armchair. An open design and meticulous workmanship allow free placement of the armchair anywhere in the room. The Pinto looks good as an individual armchair, in pairs, or as a complete ensemble. With its clear visual language, it adapts harmoniously to different living room environments. The armchair is available in different colours with leather and textile surfaces.