Ortisei wall hood

Mon 01 2008


The Ortisei wall hood has a functional and aesthetic design. It features an innovative edge suction unit. Equipped with sound-absorbing materials and a low-noise engine this wall-mounted hood runs very quietly. It is operated by an electronic programme via touch controls and an LED display. An automatic stop delay can be selected. Ortisei has four power settings and a filter saturation display; the two integrated metal filter cartridges are dishwasher-safe.


The U-(you) bathroom furniture looks like a tilted U and is aimed at a cost-conscious target group with an individual taste. In order to keep production costs low, the production process was reduced to two steps. First the CNC surface finish, followed by thermal moulding. Thanks to their smooth surface the pieces of furniture are easy to assemble and clean. To further enhance the ease of cleaning, 6-mm spacers were developed for wall mounting. From Kolpa .

Ifö SignArt toilet

Mon 01 2008


The SignArt toilet is part of a comprehensive series of bathroom ceramics and furniture. The Fresh Flush flushing function is an innovative feature of this toilet. This system avoids lime scale, by cleaning the toilet during each flush, additionally emitting a pleasant smell. To achieve this, the flushing knob is tilted upwards and a scent rod is put into a container in the cistern, which is automatically activated with each flush. A double-wall cistern reduces the flushing noise and prevents condensation. The seat has an ergonomic design with an automatic Solf-Close mechanism, so that the lid closes slowly and quietly. With its clear and timeless language of forms, the toilet fits harmoniously into the SignArt product family, creating a uniform look in the bathroom. The seat height is 42 cm. The toilet is available in the colours white and sand.

Logo seating

Mon 01 2008


A characteristic feature of the Logo seating is its light construction and fresh appearance. The frame is made of flexible plywood and the padding is of latex foam. Sitting down on the sofa is thus a particularly comfortable and relaxing experience. The sofa’s low weight allows it to be moved easily around the room, making it a playful element that can always set new accents in the office or private living areas without major effort. The integrated armrests can be freely arranged and adjusted to different sitting positions. The cover is made of natural wool fabric, available in different colours.

Purist Hatbox toilet

Mon 01 2008

With its clear minimalist design the Purist Hatbox toilet hardly resembles a traditional toilet. It has a visually as well as technically clear aesthetics thanks to an electrical pump with a flushing power of six litres integrated into the toilet bowl, which makes a separate flushing cistern unnecessary. Furthermore, the water feed pipe is built into the bowl via the floor, so that no structural requirements interfere with the streamline shape. The reduced aesthetics is rounded off with an electronic soft-touch button at the toilet rim. With a height of 43 cm, the seat is comfortable, making it easy to sit down and get up. The Quiet-Close function prevents the seat from falling down and guarantees that the underside of the seat does not touch the user.2007-07-2358-a.jpg


Environmentally-friendly Kohler Steward waterless urinals offer commercial and residential environments a fresh new design aesthetic while also conserving water resources. The Steward is cartridge-free and utilises a sealing liquid in the trapway that allows urine to pass through. Once the liquid waste has passed through, the less dense sealing liquid maintains its position at the top of the trapway, thus providing an impermeable barrier that blocks odours. The geometry of the urinal not only provides a fresh, architectural design, but also virtually eliminates splashing. Additionally, the touch-free operation improves hygiene for all users and is more vandal-resistant due to the absence of a flush valve. The Steward waterless urinal is available in two models: Steward S represents a clean, minimalist line and is appropriate for new buildings or extensive remodels while the Steward waterless urinal has a large footprint that is suitable for retrofitting.