Steward waterless urinal

Mon 01 2008


Environmentally-friendly Kohler Steward waterless urinals offer commercial and residential environments a fresh new design aesthetic while also conserving water resources. The Steward is cartridge-free and utilises a sealing liquid in the trapway that allows urine to pass through. Once the liquid waste has passed through, the less dense sealing liquid maintains its position at the top of the trapway, thus providing an impermeable barrier that blocks odours. The geometry of the urinal not only provides a fresh, architectural design, but also virtually eliminates splashing. Additionally, the touch-free operation improves hygiene for all users and is more vandal-resistant due to the absence of a flush valve. The Steward waterless urinal is available in two models: Steward S represents a clean, minimalist line and is appropriate for new buildings or extensive remodels while the Steward waterless urinal has a large footprint that is suitable for retrofitting.


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