Marchesi cutlery

Tue 01 2008


Marchesi cutlery is an extravagant line of very specific, innovative eating tools for the gourmet sector. Delicate, slender proportions and precise, angular forms emphasise the tool-like character. Mirror-finish surfaces additionally highlight the strikingly slanted surfaces. The high-quality pieces are completely forged. Marchesi handles are trapezium-shaped and comfortable to hold. The monoblock knives have a remarkably wide blade underlining the presence of the cutlery, which is made of polished stainless steel 18/10 and is dishwasher-safe.


Tin is a fine, rustling crepe ground fabric into the weft of which broad and narrow lurex yarns have been alternately woven. They give the fabric an aluminium look and create its silvery shimmering appearance. The striped effect is further enhanced by cutting open the regular weft designs. Depending on the colouration of the fabric, the stripes remain more or less open, so that the dark and unobtrusively weft-patterned ground becomes visible. JAB .

Morpheus chandelier

Tue 01 2008


The Morpheus chandelier is shaped by the viewers’ imagination: from a circle, to a square, to an infinity sign and anything in between. The many permutations of the ten-foot diameter and 16,000 crystals Morpheus light sculpture are possible through the use of servo-motors and lead cables applying pressure to a flexible spring steel assembly. Six motors arranged in a star configuration are attached to six points on the perimeter that pull to create the shape of the chandelier.