Arena Style kitchen interior fittings

Mon 01 2008


With the new Arena Style range of internals for kitchen units, Kesseböhmer offers yet another way of adding visible value to kitchens. Giving the new Arena Style fittings their characteristic visual impact are the unforgettable, flat-sided railings. The railings are made of two horizontal steel bands linked by vertical strips. The design elements have been reduced to the essentials, the wider railing makes a striking and visually dominant effect. The moment the kitchen unit is opened, the internal fittings communicate a strong message of added value. Accentuating the horizontal lines gives the railing a clear structure that is the perfect match for the uncluttered lines of contemporary, often no-handles, kitchen designs. The perfect combination of shape, material and surface finish lend Arena Style its special appeal. The new Arena Style versions of trays for almost all unit types are now available. The distinctive clarity of Arena Style is an elegant and striking addition to any kitchen element. Functional elements with high user benefits, such as matching dividers and a user-friendly RutschStopp anti-slip coating, are available for both ranges. Kesseböhmer supplies the railing systems with any current galvanised or powder-coated finish.

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