BALANCE nature – Modular stove system

Fri 02 2008


More than a fireplace – an interior decorating concept! The two flueless combustion chambers for wood or alcohol can be combined with side elements in walnut or oak for a variety of functions. A solution with stainless steel legs is also available. Built-in air chambers make it possible to combine wood elements with the combustion chamber. All modules are compatible with each other, resulting in countless individual design options. The combustion chamber door tilts up for easy feeding and cleaning. The smoke tube is connected to the top or the rear.


2 Responses to “BALANCE nature – Modular stove system”

  1. kari maley Says:

    I am building a house and had no room for a fireplace in the design…but this design would completley fit in the design. i would be happy to submit the architect drawing of this fantastic house but i realy need to know where i can purchase this awesome innovation!!! well done!!

  2. Alice Says:

    Hi Kari, I forgot to put the manufacturer. So here if you want this fireplace contact CONMOTO J. Wagner GmbH & Co. KG.

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