More than a fireplace – an interior decorating concept! The two flueless combustion chambers for wood or alcohol can be combined with side elements in walnut or oak for a variety of functions. A solution with stainless steel legs is also available. Built-in air chambers make it possible to combine wood elements with the combustion chamber. All modules are compatible with each other, resulting in countless individual design options. The combustion chamber door tilts up for easy feeding and cleaning. The smoke tube is connected to the top or the rear.



Soft X is a fully upholstered all-round conference and restaurant chair. The SoftX chair’s backrest has been attached to the seat in a way that leaves a gap between the two parts, giving the fully upholstered chair a lighter look. Martela Oyj .



Wed 02 2008


This chandelier captures light through its ribbed design like that of sun rays through a cloud. It is comprised of a stainless steel spine, LED lighting, and wood ribs fastened in accordance to the multi-dimensional design. Ribs are cut using a CNC router, and can be altered in shap.Prototype Design Lab.

Lighthouse 500

Mon 02 2008

oillamp.jpgThe Menu design company’s new oil lamp series bears the name of Lighthouse. All lamps in the series feature a newly developed oil burner to really light up the night. “This oil lamp doesn’t just burn with a small flame, it burns like a fantastic bonfire!” exclaims the designer Christian Bjørn. Furthermore, the Lighthouse oil lamps have a unique filling system that makes it possible to fill the oil from above without taking the lamp apart. Christian Bjørn took the inspiration for his new lamp series from the Scandinavian summer twilight, contrasting the gentle forms of the white porcelain with the intense, vibrant light. Menu A/S

UNO bed

Fri 02 2008


Great emphasis was placed on a linear, purist style in a simple design. In conjunction with a sawmill, we developed a technique to naturally darken beautifully grained beech in order to create a warm brown tone: Moorland beech. Combined with the aluminum feet manufactured using a traditional sand casting process, each bed has a totally unique character. RUHE & RAUM GmbH.


Rivo armchair

Fri 02 2008


Rivo. The inviting. When comfort is cast into a simple ergonomic shell, sitting in it feels like it was molded for you. The Rivo armchair features an impressive, spring-suspended seat element and comfortable, supporting lateral and back elements. The idea of sitting in comfortable upholstery is translated into a simple pedestal design. Dietiker AG.


E-mood Bathconception

Thu 02 2008


In addition to its basic function – storage space above the washbasin – the e-board also creates order. Practical white light provided by the e-mirror and e-cabinet ensures perfect visibility. E-wall is a successful cross between a small wall and a furniture element. The e-screen is a modern version of the room divider made for flexible room planning, and allows the bathroom to be opened up to include a living room or bedroom. Duravit AG.