Isabella Planter

Tue 03 2008

Hand polished polyester-resin gel coated fiberglass plant tower, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.Reza Feiz

Spring Chair

Tue 03 2008


The Spring Chair’s single-part form minimizes weight and material waste. Its ergonomic design is contoured to the body. The strength and flexibility of bamboo create a gentle rocking action in this sensuous chair.The Spring Chair was designed by Anthony Marschack, building with Moso Bamboo. He began working with bamboo when he sought a more durable material for a most punishing application, skateboard decks.

Westpac Place

Tue 03 2008


The design concept for the Westpac experience was the translation of an Aspirational Brief developed by the bank, which became the vision for the construction and fitout of Kent Street Sydney in the context of future business and cultural goals. As well as a focus on accommodation, the core attributes of the design brief were to create a dynamic experience for Westpac employees and customers. The work environment balances the functional attributes of flexibility and mobility providing a responsive workplace/business environment whilst embarking upon delivering a world class workplace.

East Bay Lounge

Tue 03 2008

Retro Modern, sharp and inspired by the diversity of San Francisco’s East Bay, the East Bay Lounge is durable, light and finely crafted out of the highest quality materials.

Eve faucet

Tue 03 2008



Designer Michael Lammel came up with the concept for Eve from a childhood memory of his grandmother washing vegetables from the garden.The faucet’s light can be turned on without water, too, bringing countertop lighting to small kitchens. The bright little fixture is available in stainless steel or chrome from KWC America.


This urban bike-rental stand cold be installed at many locations throughout a city center. One rents a bike, pedals to the destination, then returns it to another “dispenser” for a price roughly the same as a bus ticket. The units could be installed at train stations, parking structures, shopping centers or other transit centers. The Bikedispenser is a fully automated, space-saving storage and dispensary system. It was developed to increase ease-of-accessibility to those business areas lying within three kilometers of commonly used public transportation junctions. The Bikedispenser capitalizes on the idea of the bicycle as the missing, final link in the commuter’s mobility chain. The Bikedispenser is the most compact storage system for bicycles in the world, with specially designed bicycles positioned a mere 16cm apart from each other. Each user’s identity is connected to an electronic ID tag (RFID) located within the bicycle, enhancing security and enabling various billing systems to operate. Springtime NL

Freedom Colection

Tue 03 2008


Imagine having infinite design possibilities with your refrigerator. Imagine it in your home, with Thermador’s Freedom Collection built-in refrigerator/freezers, which allow you to place multiple and separate refrigerators and freezers anywhere and anyhow you see fit.Thermador

Buttercup Rocker

Tue 03 2008




The Buttercup rocker is made of a bent plywood seat and the base comes in brushed stainless steel.  It has a seat that contours the shape of the body making the buttercup an enjoyable, rocking experience.Thisretro rocker will cradle you in a wonderfully – rocking and reclining.With plywood bent for beauty and comfort, the Buttercup rocker cradles you in a wonderful rocking recline. Blu Dot

OVA Basin

Tue 03 2008

OVA is a modern and simplistic design piece, incorporating a combination of fresh minimalist form, merged with a hollow feature to generate a new sensation and modern feel. The basins colour insert can be personalised to any bathrooms style. Water conservation has become a major influence of current designs within Australian bathrooms. The OVA basins shallow depth, takes this in to consideration. The OVA basin can be mounted as a free-standing form or placed on a bench top, to vary the design and fit any contemporary bathroom space. Norman Oliveria

Sujushai Bath Tap

Tue 03 2008


In today’s society people seek simple as well as innovative products to assist them in their daily life. I based this product concept on the Japanese style, which is renowned for simplicity and its calm innovative ways. Not like other designs, the Sujushai fuses elegance with oriental influences to provide an environmental feature that alters the boring consistency of tap to basin motion. The aim of Sujushai is to challenge the similarity as well as the function in the design of taps. Dong-Young Lee