A game between soft colors, lighted by the same center.The different lenghts give’s a  strange air and it make’s more attractive like design.Marc Pascal

Is a new trivet made of silicone. Its fresh and cool design is a humorous attention getter on the dining table at the same time protecting the table surface. The mere appearance of the “bed of nails” seems to keep away the hot pot or pan from the surface. As with a real bed of nails several “nails” are necessary to place the objects safely. The trivet is available in red and black and it is dishwasher-safe. DOK 54


The design of the Prospero KM266 kitchen machine combines professionalism and experience – an encounter between the developers’ technical know-how and the experience and competence of four renowned chefs. With generous design features and various practical attachments, Prospero fits well into the general kitchen workflow. Its space-saving shape is defined by a triangular base and high-quality stainless steel optics. Kenwood Limited

Tempus armchair

Wed 03 2008

With its unique, sculptural design, tempus is a real showpiece. Whether an eye-cat-cher in the conference room or an inviting visitor armchair on the management level, you sense it right away: the armrests that are smoothly integrated into the backrest and the pleasant suspension system of the seat – from which the backrest tilts back independently when you lean back – promise optimal sitting comfort, completely automatically and with no need for manual adjustment. Brunner GmbH



The Santos vacuum coffee maker is a modern reinterpretation of a classic. A chrome steel jug has replaced the transparent plastic jug. The appliance works without paper filters, which would only reduce the fine aroma. The coffee-making process remains unchanged. In a completely closed brewing cycle, nothing of the precious coffee aroma is lost. Brewing time and temperature are well coordinated. Bodum AG



Wed 03 2008


The MUM8 food processor has a user-friendly technology and a high quality standard. The premium aluminium die-cast housing has a haptically pleasant surface. It is solid, robust and durable. With its 1400 watts, high-quality stainless steel components and Multi-Motion-Drive the kitchen appliance guarantees a very high standard of food processing.Robert Bosch Hausgeräte

Signature Basic

Wed 03 2008


In order to create a suitable stage for aesthetic food-presentations, the plates of the Signature collection no longer have
the usual round shape, but set new trends with a soft, oval outline of the rim, whereas
the well of the plate remains round. The corresponding tall cups surprise with dynamically
curved handles that mimic the oval shape of the plates.Porzellanfabrik Schonwald

Blanco Claroline-IF

Wed 03 2008

The elegantly pure design of the innovative handmade inset family BLANCO CLARONLINE-IF makes it a veritable highlight of clear design. The new generation of sink units combines impressive looks with functionality. The latest manufacturing technologies facilitate flowing transitions and incomparable contours. BLANCO GmbH + Co KG SteelArt


The BetteFloor shower surface fits flush into the floor and enables showering without any trip hazards. At the same time, the room appears larger thanks to the even surface. BetteFloor consists of steel and enamel and has been coated with a thin varnish conveying smoothness and brilliance. The smooth surface is more hygienic than tiles, because it can be cleaned more easily thanks to the absence of seams. Bette GmbH & Co. KG


U-Turn is a smart storage solution that allows you to store your logs close to the fireplace while affording the possibility to rotate the holder appropriate to situation, space and effect. For example, you can easily turn it for efficient refilling, turn it closer to the fire when feeding the stove and position it in any number of aesthetic angles relative the focal point. With its singular and elegant design, it goes beyond mere function complementing and enhancing any hearth beautifully and simply.  Baest & Anke Bernotat