Cloud Cover Shower

Fri 03 2008

A large flush ceiling mounted shower fixture, the Rogerseller Cloud Cover Shower Head fires fine jets of water for a broad luxurious shower. The large square features a bright reflective edge that frames a grid of tiny spray nozzles. A wonderful Australian design, the showerhead offers a fabulous contemporary style and a low consumption that’s good for the environment.



Lilypad seat

Fri 03 2008

It is an unconventional seat that can be used in any situation. It invites you to make yourself comfortable and allows a great mobility. Lilyseat can be used either on exterior or interior, its vibrant colours makes you feel alive. Bilardospencer P/L


Madame Brussels Bar

Fri 03 2008

There’s astroturf, a fake garden fence, chintzy outdoor furniture (including a sun lounge) and curling vines – and that’s just inside. But this self-proclaimed “rather fancy terrace and public house” perched three levels above the street also has a rooftop terrace where you can take your dog (truly), soak up the sun and grab a blanket from the friendly staff if it turns chilly. It might look like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Skidmark Designs





It’s decor may be reminiscent of the 1950s, but this spacious master bathroom boasts some modern conveniences, including his and hers flat-panel TVs, a distributed music system and a sleek touchbutton control pad on the wall.Music can also be piped into the bathroom by simply pressing a button on a Crestron keypad mounted near the entrance of the room.


A kitchen counter conceals back-to-back LCD screens that rise and fall on demand.Audio in the kitchen streams through Phase Technology in-ceiling speakers, and the homeowners have an RTI T3 controller for easy use of the audio and video.

Dusk Bar

Fri 03 2008

THE vibe’s relaxed and the design’s way out there. This is a bar with a difference. It looks like a wild child took pen to paper and drew a wonderful, crazy, funky place and then breathed life into it. There’s lots of colour, giant lights created from thousands of CDs and the seats and tables are made from cable reels. The floor and bar, composed of puzzle pieces, add an over-the-top ambience to this playful space. 



How do you install an audio/video system to complement a huge kitchen space featuring two work areas with sleek, curvaceous forms made from stainless steel and aluminum? A sleek and sexy flat-panel TV would certainly do the trick. So how about two?