Origami Table

Fri 04 2008

The Origami tables are made from powder coated CNC stamped mild steel. The tripod interlocking design is a unique and patented system. On each leg there are two slots, each positioned on a different 3 point plane in space. This makes the joints tighten when a load is placed on the table and will never fall apart. No fixings of any sort are required. The legs come apart easily for storing and reassembly. Anthony Dickens


Fri 04 2008


MissPrint products are all designed and hand printed in a small east London based studio by Yvonne and Rebecca.  Great care and attention to detail prevail in order to produce a range of interior products that are superior in quality and design, in essence very special items. The bespoke nature of their items leads to a great choice of designs and colours, thus the flexibility to co-ordinate with any interior or home environment.  Yvonne & Rebecca Drury

Lillibule Ceramics

Fri 04 2008


Designed by the talented Sylvie Fuller, this limited run, hand screen-printed tableware in white bone china is attracting a lot of press lately. And for good reason. Her current collection features a swirly dragonfly motif and can be called feminine, fun, charming…Yet practical and oh so stylish. Sylvie also offers bespoke ceramics, textile design, and hand-painted wall murals


Fri 04 2008


“My ceramics are all UK produced or recycled and are decorated with digital or silkscreen print decal transfers”.Nadia Sparham

Dressing up Mirror

Fri 04 2008


The first item in a new range investigating the cross over between clothing and furniture. The silhouette of a dress provides the perfect full-length mirror for getting dressed. Susan Bradley

White cubes

Fri 04 2008


The cube is a range of versatile side tables for the bedroom or living room.Oliver Peake

Marnie Table Light

Fri 04 2008

The lamp bases are manufactured in Perspex and feature laser-cut details with a seedpod design. White and raspberry base complete with chocolate ‘mole’ lampshade.Michelle Mason

Ceramic tableware

Fri 04 2008



The tableware is crafted from moulded and hand thrown white stoneware clay, which is then decorated with various slips and under-glazes. Louise often works on more richly decorated pieces between firings to adjust and accentuate the colours and image.Throughout her career, Louise Gibb has developed a unique style with surface pattern. Whether she is producing figurative or abstract designs her aim is always to make it fresh and interesting.

Sunroom seating

Fri 04 2008


Flexible contemporary furniture, built-in or free-standing, using the very best materials, fittings and finishes. The storage problems created by modern living such as the live-work environment are seen as a creative challenge.Sunroom seating with fitted upholstery, curved front in cherry, giving a nautical feel with deep storage drawers.

Jonathan Field

Flute screens

Fri 04 2008

giles_fluting_screens.jpgDresser screens incorporating the process of ‘fluting’ cardboard to imprint a floral pattern into the surface of the material. Giles Miller