Expanding Helicoid

Thu 09 2008

Silver Environments. The Expanding Helicoid smoothly expands to fill the spiral staircase at the center of Discovery World’s permanent biotech exhibit in Milwaukee. Visitors have the sensation of being inside the sculpture: as it expands, it seems to grow like a living plant; as it contracts, it seems to disappear into the stairwell. Bound by two spiral staircases–like the DNA double helix it resembles–the helicoid itself is like a living organism, visually joining the staircases from landing to landing. The designers created a sculpture that is fully experiential, rather than simply visual—one that embodies themes of innovation, science and technology. Hoberman Associates

Silver Home Living. Stacking is a floor lamp inspired by lacquered Japanese stacking cups. It comprises individual cylinders of colored glass stacked to form a radiant decorative column. Stacking is offered in four distinct colorway combinations using tones of amber, tobacco, white, fume, orange and mirrored glass. The Ombre collection of pendant lamps and ceiling/wall fixtures employs the sfumato glass-blowing technique, creating a subtle gradation of color from transparent to opaque. Rockwell Group

Kristall Chandelier

Thu 09 2008

Silver Home Living. The Kristall Chandelier is a stunning decorative lighting fixture that creates a unique ambience. Kristall sheds a combination of diffused and direct lighting, highlighted by each rod tip appearing as an individual pinpoint of light. 98% of the metal used is recycled aluminum; the light source is a hyper-efficient halide bulb that performs better than traditional halogen technology. LYX

Bronze Home Living. The Eva Trio Kite chopping boards come in three sizes, designed with a unique slope to collect meat juices. The pointed end ensures that the user aims straight into the bowl or pot when tipping ingredients off the board. Storm Design

Eva Solo Bin

Thu 09 2008

Gold Home Living. A waste bin that solves the problems found with most current designs: opening the lid, replacement of the bin liner and cleaning. Key to the design is the lid, which through clever geometry and without hinges or other mechanics, balances magically on the top edge of the bin. The bin liner fixture is a surprisingly simple design that employs a rubberized metal ring that the top of the liner folds around. The bin is available in three sizes: large, for use in a kitchen, medium, for office use and small, for bathrooms. Tools Design

Farallon Chair

Thu 09 2008

Silver Home Living. Farallon is a simple, elegant piece of furniture that offers additional functionality specifically addressing the needs of a contemporary lifestyle. A dining chair and side chair that contains hidden storage spaces and pockets. Fuseproject

Silver Home Living. A modern take on a classic farm table, this piece is animated by dynamic criss-crossing leg braces. The braces are attached flat to the square legs, which are turned at angles away from the edges of the top. The braces thus spiral around each other, attaching at beam-midpoints below the solid lumber top. The tabletop can cantilever without an apron or cross braces and accommodate a variety of chairs. Though the table is beautifully crafted, this offers a modern play on rusticity. Centerbrook Architects and Planners

O-Grill 3000

Thu 09 2008

Bronze Home Living. O-Grill 3000 is a truly portable grill, weighing less than 25 lbs with features that rival larger, heavier, more costly models. It has a 225 square-inch grill area with a 9450 BTU stainless steel burner, eye-catchingly colorful design and retractable legs. Equipped with a detachable storage compartment for user convenience, this grill sets a new standard for tailgating, camping and apartment deck cooking. Elite Design


Thu 09 2008

Silver Home Living. The six-piece Creemy Tea & Coffee set re-imagines the traditional tea service with a futuristic silhouette, contrasting straight tubular handles with soft curves. The combination of delicate details with strong forms makes Creemy a visually striking collection that also creates a unique tactile experience. The set is also very functional and ergonomic. Karim Rashid

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