Bronze Home Living. Kinetik, the first truly frameless sliding shower enclosure, refines the showering experience while solving multiple practical problems associated with typical shower enclosures. The designers have included effortless access to the showering area, optimal water retention, a 132 lb. glass door that opens silently with the push of a finger, and an enormously versatile set of configurations. Fleurco Products (Canada)


Bronze Ecodesign. Most households in rural India depend on biomass fuels for cooking, which leads to indoor air pollution, causing respiratory diseases. The Chulha low smoke stove burns biomass fuel more efficiently (reducing cooking time) while it directs smoke out of the house through a chimney chamber. The stove is made in modular units, solving logistical and maintenance issues. Philips Design (Netherlands)

Curve Gate

Fri 09 2008

Bronze Home Living. The Curve Gate can be useful at the bottom of a staircase, where the parent traditionally reaches down from the second step to open the gate. The curved design also acts like a panoramic or bay window, meaning that a child standing behind this gate in the kitchen doorway can now watch the parent prepare dinner. Dorel Juvenile Group (U.S.)


Fri 09 2008

Bronze Home Living. This line of stainless steel lamps for high-yield LEDs can be mounted on brickwork, wooden and gypsum walls or on floors. The lamps have glare control and can be twisted to direct the beam in any direction. Lumini (Brazil)

Chrysalis Stool

Fri 09 2008

Bronze Home Living. Chrysalis was part of the inaugural line from Council which debuted at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York in 2007. At once delicate and robust, this stool is wonderfully simple. A sleek and comfortable leather seat (available in white, black, and gray) is perched atop a slender stainless steel base; the cross bar reinforcement loop doubles as a foot rest. One & Co (U.S.)

Super Bossa

Fri 09 2008

Silver Home Living. This ceiling lamp provides efficient and comfortable lighting with reliable glare control, light intensity adjustment and change in light effects. Super Bossa’s lighting system is defined by a white finish reflector and glare control with a screen positioned in its lower part to serve as a counterweight. Lumini (Brazil)

Eva Solo Table Grill

Fri 09 2008

Bronze Home Living. Place the porcelain grill on the center of the table, light the charcoal, and let everybody cook their own food, fondue-style. The design challenge was to create a grill that would retain its visual appeal over many years, that would be small enough to fit on the dining table, and that wouldn’t burn or damage the surface beneath the grill. This attractive, portable design meets all those criteria and can even be washed in the dishwasher. Its convenient size also makes it easy to carry to the park or the beach. Tools Design