Low impact

Mon 10 2008

The kitchen is based around a terrazzo island bench, cast on site.

The master bathroom is located behind the sleeping area and features a shower that can be opened to the outdoors. André Hodgskin

Island of calm

Mon 10 2008

The outlook from the dining room is across a lawn-covered walkway to the elevated living room pavilion and the pool. The polished oak wood table sits on a wrought iron base, and is surrounded by intricately woven rattan chairs.                                    

The Kohler bathtub stands on a Massangis Jaune Claire limestone floor. Blinds provide privacy or a view to the garden. The patterned glass panel protecting the shower stall adds texture to the look of the room and is repeated on the toilet door to the left of the towel rail. Isabelle Miaja

Enduring allure

Mon 10 2008

The maple framed bed in the master bedroom has built-in storage for throw pillows and linen. A graphic black and white diptych provides a striking backdrop.

The muted tones of the cabinetry, benchtops and window treatments give the kitchen an understated look. Jane Yeo


Mon 10 2008

A loggia flows from the open-plan living area onto a sheltered courtyard. Well protected from the wind, the outdoor room features a low timber ceiling, stone walls and travertine flooring.

The master bedroom is located on the upper level of the house. Here, another stone pillar reaches up from the family room to form the fireplace. Timber shelving contains books, ornaments and an entertainment unit. The three paintings above the bed depict a Japanese story of the human life span. A comfortable armchair in rich purple adds to the bedroom’s relaxed setting. Edwin Eames

Curves ahead

Mon 10 2008

In the master bedroom, a feature wall made of grey Interplast provides a textured backdrop to the maple bed. Using automatic controls that are concealed in one side of the bed, the owners can orientate the bed to either the views outside or a plasma screen on the opposite wall.

Creamy white tiles with flecks of grey highlight both the floors and walls of the bathroom. Colin Leuschke

Up in the clouds

Mon 10 2008

Glass walls, doors and a glass-topped table keep the dining room light and simple. Leather bucket chairs add warmth and substance.

A mirrored ceiling in the TV area at the far end of the living room ensures the Moroso Contract collection sofa makes a strong statement. Benteo Gineva

Artistic expression

Mon 10 2008

Each item of furniture was selected as an interesting piece to include in the room setting. The open-plan living space, which includes a Bert Flugelman sculpture titled Transformation (top right), reflects the owner’s love of art. The painting behind the sofa is by Alana Holme Ngwarrey and the large, colourful diptych is by Tim Maguire.

While the original tiles were retained, the designer added new stone vanity tops and splashbacks to all the bathrooms.

Warm welcome

Mon 10 2008

Painted glass in the kitchen was toned to blend with the walls. It only becomes a feature when back-lit. The large, wooden headboard features a stainless steel element running through it. Alexandra Dalzell

Sign of the times

Mon 10 2008

Floor-to-ceiling glazing floods the apartments with natural light. The unit layouts allow for maximum versatility, with apartments easily reconfigured to create larger spaces. Interior finishes were kept simple and contemporary to allow the spectacular views to take centre stage.

Architectural detailing and the tower’s central void all provide additional external facets and views for the apartments. On levels above the 14th floor, the tower features eight corner apartments, instead of the usual four. All units feature an external balcony. Skybridge


Mon 10 2008

Quality, handcrafted cookware manufactured in Germany is designed to facilitate gourmet cooking. Eurolux


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