Light & Airy

Wed 12 2008

Open Plan Kitchens. Styles and moldings were selected that would compliment the Tuscan style. The large hood was selected to add richness, beauty and scale. The concave prep area and the windows above were designed with the moldings to create balance with the hood. This kitchen is very large and spacious and opens up to a beautiful, large hearth room and eating nook. Kristin A. Okeley light-airy1


Fresh & Functional

Wed 12 2008

Open Plan Kitchens this exceptionally large kitchen showcases two massive islands. The first island is set up as an alternative cooking station, fully equipped with a sink, single burner, steamer and microwave. A wood countertop was lowered to table height, providing an intimate eating space for two, including a clear view of the television, which is set behind a pair of pocket doors. A grand fireplace mantle acts as a focal point over the cooktop, drawing attention to the half circle with a cherry insert. To the right, a beveled glass corner cabinet is highlighted to tie in this kitchen’s country flare. The wood-burning fireplace adds the finishing touch to this traditional country home. Anthony Albert Passanante fresh-functional

Clean Lines

Wed 12 2008

Open Plan Kitchens. The homeowner wanted a kitchen that was innovative in design and rare in elements. The small space needed to be reinvented to allow for ample storage and convenient access, while maintaining a unique appearance. The resulting kitchen is a blend of eclectic artfulness and contemporary style. The resourceful island complements the kitchen’s overall uniqueness with its purple concrete countertop. Joan DesCombes clean-lines

White & Wonderful

Wed 12 2008

Large Kitchens this kitchen is in close proximity to the front door, so the cooktop was positioned on the north wall, where it could be easily seen when approaching the room. The cooktop with decorative hood, in a pale cream with a Vandyke brown glaze, provides a focal point from the kitchen entry. Since the cabinets do not reach the ceiling, the hood looks more dramatic and remains in balance with the rest of the cabinetry. The beautiful marsh view acts as the main focal point from this kitchen. The warm color palette, balance of the elevations and efficient use of space gives this kitchen a casual elegance. Gerard Ciccarello white-wonderful

Large Kitchens. The most prominent piece, a traditional sloped and raised paneled hood, takes this kitchen to a new level. This distinct feature, which houses spices at the bottom, has a nine-inch depth, allowing for a more convenient workspace. To create an interesting texture, a combination of chicken wire and glass was added to the flanking wall cabinets. Bookshelves have been installed on the backside of the refrigerator wall, adding a finishing touch to the adjacent great room. Anthony Albert Passanante perfect-for-entertaining

Fit for a Family

Wed 12 2008

Large Kitchens. Plans and details were thoughtfully designed. Space for gathering around a built-in banquette seat with views to the exterior patio, stone fireplace and television allows for those seated to interact with the cook. A raised breakfast bar next to the new patio door permits a quick morning meal and provides an excellent gathering spot. Cooking, cleaning and food preparation on professional appliances are aligned in the central core, with easy access to the food pantry around the corner. Peter Vanderhyden fit-for-a-family

Modern & Marvelous

Wed 12 2008

Large Kitchens.  Successfully integrated behind the tranquil facade is a range of components that allows the kitchen’s layout to be customized to suit all space requirements. The island plays a key role as it permits the main functions to be brought together in an area designed to ensure freedom of movement. A stainless steel door lift conceals the microwave adjoining the steam oven and drawer below, joining the adjacent oven and coffee system. In contrast to the reflective steel block, clear rift-cut maple instructs the eye toward unity. The hidden pantry interacts with the surrounding cabinetry to create conformity without interruption. Terri Ruth Hosken modern-marvelous