A chest of drawers conceived and made by Alain Belanger, Christine leans precariously, its drawers all different sizes, including the top drawer, which is a woodworking tour-de-force. One of a limited edition of 20, Christine stands 54” high x 30” large x 14” deep. Alain Belanger christine_the_strawberry_girl_small2ellu3j9y42wf4ogkogg8wco8d94aptgr22ifk8k4kwsk0oks4th

Lamp features a steel base with a rich.  A surface coloring, usually brown or green, produced by oxidation of bronze, copper or other metal. Patinas occur naturally and are also produced artificially for decorative effect of various hues of chocolate brown. The 8″ high, satin silk shade is painted with dye, which is hand applied with bamboo brushes. The steel base is hand forged. Stuart Loten, Loten Art Lightinga6907-016l

High Top Tea

Wed 12 2008

The sneaker portion of this teapot is hand-built of a self-made admixture of porcelain paperclay. The Chihuahua puppy’s head emerging from within is sculpted of white stoneware clay. Shoe laces are morphed to become larger and sturdier to serve as the teapot handle. Size: 11” x 8” x 4”. Porcelain Grace Meryl H. Ruth high-top-tea

Identity Crisis  2008. Sheet, wire, tubing metal 5″ x 8″ x 5.5″. Chihiro Makio makio-identitycrisis

Winged Desk & Seat

Wed 12 2008

Tim Lawson creates, designs and builds sculptural and custom fine furniture at his studio in Port Townsend. His sculptural furniture is inspired by winged creatures. Tim uses a combination of new and traditional techniques to build deceptively simple, but elegant, furniture. Tim Lawson writing_desk_and_seat_11