Ikea’s new Ange Chair black  may look like it’s made of rattan, but it’s actually made of twisted paper. And lest you doubt the strength of paper, I should note that I used to have a bench made from twisted paper, and it was pretty darn strong (at least, it held up under the weight of a couple of ladies lounging on it on a Spring afternoon). I think a few of these would look great on a patio or deck. The twisted paper is covered with a clear acrylic lacquer, so it should be somewhat weather resistant, though I wouldn’t push my luck: If it looks like Spring showers, bring this baby insideHandwoven; each piece of furniture is unique. Material properties similar to rattan. Width: 37 “,  Depth: 35 “, Height: 39 “, Seat width: 37 “, Seat depth: 20 7/8 “, Seat height: 16 1/8 “. Ikea80867_pe205330_s41