Confluences Sofa

Thu 07 2009

CONFLUENCES is doubtless one of the bedrocks of the new trend for‘counterforms’, with its characteristic overlapping arrangement of elements in the style of a puzzle or yin-yang. CONFLUENCES is a breath of fresh air which breaks with all  the normal conventions of upholstered furniture. This piece will please not only lovers of radical design, but also all those who are seduced by a multiplicity of possible sitting positions, and the as yet unheard- of conviviality offered by its colourful, unbridled compositions with evocative names such as the ‘Toi et moi’ (‘You and me’) love seat, the ‘small conversation settee’ and ‘large conversation settee’, or the 4-seat settee with two integral chaises longues.  Ligne Roset / Roset S.AConfluences Sofa2 Sofa2Sofa3