Medusa stool

Mon 11 2009

The Medusa stool is a humoristic piece of solid wood garnished with wool natural. The stool is made in solid materials that have been created on the terms of the nature. The excellent craftsmanship makes it to survive over several generations, then, a stool you can pass on to the future. Magnus SangildStool


Easy Chair

Mon 11 2009

Is a spectacular and humoristic easy chair. It is made out of modeled birch (a natural material) and a new kind of modeled felt that uses 50% recycled fiber from plastic bottles, fiber that can be recycled after the life span of the chair. Manolo BossiEasy Chair


Mon 11 2009

A pair of side table in Sapele, Anigre, Boxwood and Mother of Pearl. The table were commissioned by the parents for each of their two children. Andrew Varahtable