Bathroom shower

Mon 11 2009

The unique color arrangement can be an obzee as “Happy eyes fashion item” to the bathroom. It can create a sensible shower space with specific bathroom items. Cebien Co.,Ltd Bathroom shower

LED Light

Mon 11 2009

Sculptural elegance and a high degree of lightness are the attributes of the innovative QLD-201 LED light.  The light appears brighter at one side, more subdued on the other side. QLD-201 can be used for creating a pleasant room ambience, and it is also suitable for targeted illumination. Qisda CorporationLED Light

LED Task Lamp

Mon 11 2009

The theme of the task lamp is one of those design projects which always has to measure itself with great masterpieces from the past. Being in harmony with its aesthetic form it emits glare-free warm-white light by means of an optical lens and a diffuser. It has three joints with a jacket construction that enables 360-degree movement. WästbergLED Task Lamp

Floor Lamp

Mon 11 2009

The Wald-Haus floor lamp is captivating with its choice of natural materials and an expressive stylistic language. Delicately and elegantly shaped it transports warmth and sensuality to living spaces. The lampshades are made of FSC fibre-reinforced ash veneer. The lamp are switched on and off by pull switches. Wald-Haus FurnitureFloor Lamp


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