Water heater

Tue 11 2009

This water heater adopts three dimensions heating technology, which integrates pre-warm and real time warm modes to let users spend less time in waiting. The blue LED indicator shows the temperature while white LED backlight will illuminate the whole room. Industrial Design Center of Haier Group


Dedon Green Wall

Tue 11 2009

This room separator with its many facets opens up a space for being undisturbed and for breezy relaxation. Generate new space without confinement, develop an open seclusion and visual uniqueness in artful simplicity. In the company of plants ,which make its harmonious design their own, enabling them to climb and grow, we come close to nature again – whether indoors, outdoors, horizontally, or vertically. DEDON GmbH

Desk Light

Tue 11 2009

This desk light combines a distinct, striking form and innovative functionality. The fixture heading is rotatable allowing directed illumination. The desk light can either be placed upright or sideways. Silver Seiko Ltd.