Sahara Flower Pot

Thu 12 2009

Flower pots with elegant design for indoor and outdoor use with the option to install fluorescent illuminants inside the pot, Sahara turns into a fascinating luminaire. The pots consist of durable waterproof polyethylene and are available in different colours and sizes, inner lighting available with fluorescent lamps.  Gandia Blasco S.A

The double thickness of the back gives the chair a little extra presence. The optional contrasting upholstery further accentuates the major design element. Renata Kalarus

Verona is inspired by the popular 18th century Raffles chair and adapts it for outdoor use. 100% acrylic fabric, mildew resistant, color fast. Luxury, from the generous product proportions to the uncommonly thick cushions. Dimensions: 38.5″ H x 26″ W x 22″ D. Terra Furniture has been in business for 34 years manufactureing casual and outdoor furniture. Terra Furniture, Inc.