Timberline Wall Light

Mon 12 2009

Timberline Wall Light. AmeriTec Lighting introduces the Timberline series of finishes on this multi-step wall light. Available in Matte or Glossy Walnut, Cherry, Oak, and Rosewood, this light is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. AmeriTec Lighting

Facelift2 is  transitional styled seating system for healthcare environments, without sacrificing its very crucial and innovative features. Devised to create a unique renewable seat. This collection is available with tandem seating.  Dimensions: W51″ H32″ D28.25″ AH25″ SH18.5″. Trinity Furniture Incorporated

Custom lighting fixtures designed with an artful blend of unique materials: Metal + Shade Fabric, dimensions: 31″ x 31″ Width (Diagonally Measured) x 30″ Height (Shown). Lamping: 4 x 60 Watt Edison Bulbs. PREMIUM Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish shown R. JESSE LIGHTING

Mona Light Switch

Fri 12 2009

Mona is a sensually designed light switch with a finely drawn geometric stylistic language. Mona features a touch-sensitive surface allowing comfortable and elegant handling.  The cover of your switch is completely customizable and illuminates in the dark, making it easier to see.  It’s also a low voltage button and is touch sensitive.  Basalte, Klaas Arnout

The Forest set, the glasses all have the same volume with a common aesthetic language. Random allocation of the glasses to each person at the table is the highlight of this set. Emulating nature, the elements of this set draw a new landscape each time they are set on the table. Forest is made of crystalline glass, a natural and recyclable material.  Ilio, H. Demir Obuz

The Landscape porcelain series an extra dimension and emphasise its high quality. The seven different reliefs on porcelain elements are sometimes arranged asymmetrically, sometimes covering the entire surface. This individual design and formal feature allows versatile alternative combinations. The transparency, a major property of high-quality porcelain products, is particularly evident in this design concept. Rosenthal AG

The timeless and elegant design concept connects all the elements with the elegant appearance of an aluminium bar, which divides the hob into user interface and function zone. Electrolux Dienstleistungs GmbH

Shtox Whisky Tumbler

Thu 12 2009

This glass can be twisted on the table, thereby eliciting all the fragrant secrets and charms of the drink. This form of a whisky tumbler wants to highlight the fact that enjoying noble drinks such as whisky can turn into a whole new extraordinary experience. This glass with its unique “twist” is ideal for that purpose. Evgeny Bushkovskiy

Coffee Table

Thu 12 2009

Coffee Table, inspired by one of Escher’s bird & fish tessellation sketches. “Each of the three walnut inlaid arcs slide out to become side tables in their own right, leaving the central zebrano piece to become more & more sculptural as each arc is removed.” Toby Howes

Steamless Rice Cooker

Wed 12 2009

This system eliminated the need for a stream outlet found on the top of traditional rice cookers. The “Steamless IH” equipped with a steam collecting system. It comes in two colors, “ruby red” and “diamond silver.” It is mounted with a water tank, but the size of the main body is about the same as that of existing products. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


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