The Kinesis Chair are milled from three matched pieces of solid wood with the edges polished until they pour in a seemingly continuous curve that echoes throughout the entire frame and base of this remarkable piece.  A compound, complex curve anchors the frame and the cupped seat, a shape repeated again in the Ottoman. Thos. Moser

Miele CombiSet

Mon 03 2010

Miele CombiSet are single or double-burner cooktops that stand alone or combine to customize any cooking surface – or even to create multiple cooking stations. CombiSets are available in gas, electric, induction, or deep fryer/boiler, along with a Japanese Tepan Yaki in a stainless design with sleek steel knobs and an ergonomically inclined control panel. Miele


Mon 03 2010

The sunset illuminates your room with a breezing air of modern exquisiteness upholstered with polarities of shiny leather textiles meandering against charcoal hue embroideries,  reflecting natural beauty. The Eszentials collection specially created to reflect the OVO lifestyle brand philosophy. Eminent Zensation Ovo