Jaclo Shower Head

Thu 03 2010

JACLO introduce its new stainless steel Aquavolo Duetto Showerhead, offering the option of a waterfall shower and a rain shower, each of which can be summoned with the flip of the wrist. The horizontal position of the showerhead lets forth a refreshing rain shower and if you flip the showerhead down, the water comes down in a generous waterfall. Jaclo

Kanera 1 D Sink

Thu 03 2010

The double washbasin marks a further climax of a success story, the 1-series washbasins! With their emotional design and revolutionary spatial concept the Kanera 1 D basins introduce a source of regeneration into your home – one to which you will often enjoy returning. It is a place where you can relax together. Where you can consciously feel the energy flow of your body. Here, the “poetry of water” unfolds before your eyes. Kanera GmbH & Co. KG

Caroma Profile Smart

Thu 03 2010

The Profile Smart with integrated rinse station from Caroma is a high efficiency dual flush toilet that averages just 0.9 gallons per flush. This clever system directs fresh water through the integrated faucet for hand washing. This water then drains into the tank for the next flush. Caroma

EGW Occasional Table

Thu 03 2010

Scrap metal gets new life with the Metal Stoolen, the steel version of the company’s signature wooden Stoolen. The designers cut lengths of steel leftover from furniture-making to a uniform height and group them haphazardly. The resulting web of negative space is a cubist dream. The stool measures 21 inches in diameter by 16 high, and is available in custom powdercoated colors or blackened. SMC Furnishings


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