Kohler Kitchen Sink

Thu 03 2010

The sink comes included with a wide range of accessories designed to enhance the sink’s functionality and allow the user to work more efficiently in their kitchen. Kohler Stages sink will help you unleash your hidden culinary talents. Kohler

The faucet filter is fitted with a unified device for smooth and gradual opening and closing. A lever fitted with an accurate ceramic mechanism enables a ¼ turn movement. By displacing the lever to one side the faucet is turned on while the filter is activated by displacing the lever to the opposite side. The water is filtered through the innovative carbon block system which reduces chlorine taste and odor problems, and removes particulate matter. Luiz Moquiuti Morales

Inspired by the fluidity of water itself, faucet that stands out as a piece of art. The Triflow tap by Zaha Hadid makes the spout, body and handle of the tap come together into a sculptural, functional item, waterway, avoiding hot and cold tap water that could contaminate it. Suitable for either your bathroom or kitchen. Triflow Concepts